Environment Protection

Environment Protection

ISD Corporation, being both a Ukrainian and European steel producer, takes a responsible approach to global ecological problems which are of concern to key industrial players looking for their complex solution.

Since 2004 ISD corporation enterprises implement a comprehensive program of technological modernization and reconstruction. Its key goal is practically full renewal of main production funds, transition to new advanced technologies of metal products manufacturing with the substitution of open-hearth production of steel with BOF production, practically full transition to continuous casting of steel, maximum utilization of the off-gases (blast furnace and converter) to effect electric power production.

Among the priorities of modernization program are designing and introducing the production technologies with the goal to minimize the negative influence on the environment, removing the polluting chains of production from operation and the production of ecologically friendly products.

ISD Corporation introduces 6 large-scale projects at 3 enterprises (, Alchevsk Coking Plant, DMKD) within the framework of Kyoto Protocol provisions implementation. Two of them have passed all eight stages which are necessary for registering the project.

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