Social Responsibility Principles

Social Responsibility Principles

  • An active social role of the company as an integral participant of the social processes with the aim to improve society’s well-being.
  • Environmental consciousness and increase of the eco-efficiency indicators.
  • Sharing the expertise of a socially responsible business on regional and national scale. 
  • The primary role of employees in company’s effective work. 
  • Following the principles of corporate ethics, based on leadership, motivation, respect and caring for the future. 
  • Supporting the social initiatives of the state. 
  • Enhancing the competitiveness and profitability of the company targeted at increasing socially significant investments. 
  • Openness to partnership for the sake of society's stable future.
  • Following the principles of corporate social responsibility at all plants of ISD Corporation in compliance with the best world practices and long-standing traditions. 
  • Adhering to key principles of corporate social responsibility as a basis for company's business.

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