The first power unit of 303 Megawatt Gas Turbine Power Station in Alchevsk was commissioned by The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich.


Thursday 20 June, Alchevsk (Luhansk region), The President Viktor Yanukovich  took part in the commissioning ceremony of the first power unit of 303 Megawatt Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Station at Alchevsk metallurgical plant (a part of ISD Corporation). The 303 megawatt Station is a brand new sustainable project which will allow to use by-products as secondary raw materials.

This is the first station in Ukraine and CIS which will allow to generate energy from secondary metallurgical gases.

The President mentioned that the realization of this project is the result of modernization which will help to reduce the environmental impact on the region.

“About 20% of the investments are aimed to improve the environment”, Viktor Yanukovich claimed.The head of the state also marked the energy-saving efficiency of the project which will help to reduce gas consumption.

In turn Taras Shevchenko, Director General of Alchevsk metallurgical plant said that due to the systematic implementation of energy-saving projects the gas consumption in recent years has been reduced by 8 times and polluting emissions are decreasing yearly. According to him GT CC Power Station construction in Alchevsk will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 2.6 mn tonnes per year.   T. Shevchenko said: “Power plant will utilize almost all gases, two power plant’s units will produce aprox. 2,5 bn of energy per year”.

Also Taras Shevchenko added that gases which will be used for power generation usually are not employed. “We found the best analogs of the world experience. It is a well-known Japanese company Mitsubishi. Its power-units can work on low-calorie fuel”, T Shevchenko said. He added that generated power of AMK will be sufficient to cover plant’s needs.

To produce 2,4 bn kilowatt-hours of energy would take 1 mn tonnes of coal and 700 mn m3 of gas. Soon AMK will be able not to use these resources.

ISD commissioning first in Ukraine and CIS countries 303 Megawatt Gas Turbine Power Station
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