Summary of the work of Alchevsk Development Fund within the first half of 2012


In 2012 as part of the Agreement of partnership for 2011-2013 ISD Corporation’s investments into social projects of Alchevsk are spent on the development of economic, social and cultural spheres of the town.

Healthcare development program

  • The restructuring of the main building of the central municipal hospital has been concluded. A bloc of intensive therapy as part of the cardiology department has been set up.
  • Roofing has been repaired in Alchevsk maternity house.
  • An ambulance car equipped with modern devices for transporting the patients has been purchased.
  • The works to reconstruct the premises of a maternity house are being done to set up the Centre of the Mother and a child.

Education development program

  • Three educational establishments will be provided with the new roofing, new heating system, water supply system and drainage system.
  • In a nursery facility №30 “Ladushki” a swimming pool for children has been reconstructed. In preschool facilities №18 «Gnezdyshko» and №48 «Katyusha» the works are being done to restore two more swimming pools.
  • Preschool facilities have received new equipment (electric furnaces, refrigerators and washing machines). 10 multimedia complexes have been purchased for secondary schools.

The program of reforming housing and communal complex

  • The overhaul is performed at 7 roofs of the housing stock with the total volume of 6700 sq. m.
  • The overhaul is being done on 5 lifts in the houses belonging to a condominium (amalgamation of the co-owners of multi compartment buildings).
  • As part of the preparation for the heating season large diameter pipes and compensators for the town’s pipelines have been bought. Water pressure controllers, pipes for stabilizing water supply in the town have been acquired.
  • The works to repair roads and pavements are being performed.
  • The project works to set up traffic lights on the junction Gagarin Str. – Lenin Str. have been completed.
  • Worn-out trolley wires at trolleybus trolleys of the city of 1 km length have been replaced.

The program of supporting socially unprotected categories of population

  • 25 children with special needs accompanied by their parents have received vouchers for recovery in a health resort Druzhba.
  • A special car has been purchased to transport people with reduced physical capacities. 

Development of cultural sphere, physical culture and sports

  • The works have been started to reconstruct sports objects of the city (stadium “Stroitel”).

Energy efficiency project

  • Energy audit has been performed and design documents have been prepared for thermo modernization of 7 buildings belonging to educational and health care administrations of the town.
It’s scheduled that all works with the total assimilation of the volumes of financial aid stipulated by the Agreement be concluded by the end of 2012.


Olympics-2012: A sportsman from ISD sports club has won a bronze medal


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