Company's Strategy

Company's Strategy


We develop the company as a leader and a competitive steel producer by implementing best world practices in the field of steel production.


ISD produces and sells high-quality steel which meets international environmental standards.


Due to a technical modernization program all ISD mills have reached the highest international level of efficient production with the minimum spending of natural resources.

A steady support for the state

ISD is a stable taxpayer, provider of working places and worthy salaries. It is the company which raises the standing of Ukraine's dynamically growing economy.

The reconstruction

A large-scale program of ISD steel assets reconstruction improves both qualitative and environmental indicators of production.

Environmental responsibility

ISD is among the first Ukrainian companies implementing key environment-oriented programs outlined in major international environmental conventions.

Social activity

ISD Corporation introduces best practices implementing the programs aimed to improve social welfare in the cities of its presence as well as in sports, art and healthcare system. We are open to share the experience.

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