Alchevsk Coking Plant

Alchevsk Coking Plant

Alchevsk Coking Plant is one of three leading coke producers in Ukraine. It operates five coke oven batteries. The plant manufactures coal furnace coke, coal tar oil, coal charge, benzole and ammonium sulphate.


Over 3 thousand employees work at Alchevsk Coking Plant. Valery V. Krivonos is the company's Director General.

Alchevsk Coking Plant produces about 12% of the general Ukrainian volume of coke.

Besides core coke production, the plant is engaged in chemical production where by-products are used to produce:

  • ammonium sulphate (a mineral fertilizer),
  • benzoles,
  • resin (coal-tar oil and road tar),
  • phenolates and germanium concentrate.

Alchevsk Coking Plant products are sold at domestic and foreign markets (85% and 15% correspondingly). The main consumers are metallurgical and ferroalloy plants.

Alchevsk Coking Plant
Ul. Krasnikh Partizanov 1, Alchevsk, 94223, Ukraine
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