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ISD Corporation, founded in 1995, is a leading steel-producing company in Ukraine. It is known as the largest producer in Central and Eastern European Region.

ISD Corporation steel group is one of top three leaders of Ukrainian steel industry and one of top 40 world largest steel producing companies according to the International Iron and Steel Institute.


ISD Corporation is an active investor into the developing markets of Eastern and Central Europe, namely Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. In its foreign business ISD tries to pursue the policy meeting the single standards of corporate management.

It concerns not only technical side but the level of social and environmental responsibility, the work with investors and partners.

ISD Corporation introduces a planned investment policy at its enterprises aimed to modernize and reconstruct the mills. Each ISD steel asset implements a number of ambitious reconstruction and construction expansion programs in modern industry. In 2007 ISD had reached the peak of its seven year investment plan, having invested over 1 billion US dollars into the modernization of its plants. Core investments are spent on improving environmental indicators, energy efficiency, increasing the production capacities, broadening the range of products and quality improvement.

ISD international team consists of over 40 thousand people.

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